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Crystal Goblets

Our Crystal Goblets come in 5 different colours and are the same crystal pattern as our water, wine, tumbler and champagne glasses. We carry approximately 200 glasses in each colour


Moss Green






Sapphire Blue

pink goblet.jpeg

Blush Pink


We carry a large collection of vintage glassware in a wide variety of colours and styles.  Our inventory exceeds 300 pieces of coloured glassware, and 150 of each clear wine and water glasses. Contact us for exact amount of specific coloured glassware.

Clear Crystal

Our Crystal Glassware comes in a cohesive matching pattern to allow for a clean and sophisticated table.  We can currently accommodate  a 250 person event with our white wine and water glasses.  Our collection of red wine, champagne and rocks glasses is currently growing.  Contact us for current numbers

Coloured Glassware

In addition to our coloured crystal goblets and vintage glassware, we also carry the below pink goblets and purple rocks glasses.  200 of each glass is available 

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