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5 Timeless Wedding Trends

For this month’s blog post I’d like to focus on something other than Covid! Couples are being overwhelmed by the unknown, and I feel they are missing out on the real fun of wedding planning. When planning my own wedding, I enjoyed sifting through thousands of Pinterest images, magazines and websites to find the newest wedding trends. While I wanted my wedding to be on trend, I also wanted it to age well - I think we’ve all seen our parents’ wedding photos with those puff sleeve bridesmaid dresses with matching hats and parasols. Spending money on a good photographer is one of the best investments you can make, but you want your photos to look beautiful years later, so here are some 2021 wedding trends that I am loving, and will look beautiful for years to come.

Outdoor Weddings

Whether it’s a tent, barn, pavilion, or simply under the night sky (make sure to have a backup plan in case

of weather for this option), these types of weddings really allow your personality to shine through. You are able to bring the outside in which opens up your options much more than a hall allows. It doesn't matter if

it's spring, summer or fall, nature can provide you a beautiful (and free) backdrop in your photos. It’s also something that will never go out of style, as the natural colours of each season comes back year after year. Be careful to avoid going full out in one style though. Just because your wedding is in a barn, doesn’t mean everything has to be barn and country related. The time of mason jars with lace has come and gone. Opt for simple options like brass candlesticks, and simple glass vases, elegant table runners, and a simple styled chair like a vineyard. We are so lucky to have some awesome outdoor options right here in Windsor Essex, here are a few!

Photo taken from Magnolia

Something Blue…

I admit this is one of my personal favourite colour combinations. I love blue and white. It looks beautiful together and is a perfect pairing for a summer wedding. Blue and white porcelain and pottery has been around for over a thousand years, and it still looks timeless. Be careful not to overdo it though. You don’t

need white chair covers with blue ribbons, white table cloth, blue runners, blue and white flowers, it all gets to be a bit much. Instead, consider a nice harvest table with crystal and blue glasses with white plates, or just touches of blue. Add flowers with blue hues, but make sure to throw some green, pink or burgundy in there as well. For bridesmaid’s dresses consider allowing each girl to choose her own dress and hue of blue. Each bridesmaid knows what looks best on her body, and that will come through in your photos. This concept of being comfortable rolls right into my next wedding trend.

Relaxed Settings

Vintage couch

2020 was one for the history books and people have been dying to just let loose and enjoy their friends and family. Set up a comfortable seating area full of vintage furniture where your guests can kick back, relax, and catch up with each other. Think wicker and rattan chairs, boho rugs and Victorian couches. If the furniture looked good 50-60 years ago, and still looks good now, it’s a safe bet it will still look good in another 20 years. Other options to give your wedding that relaxed and comfortable feel is a semi-formal dress code. When people feel comfortable, that shines through in photos. I’m not saying open it up to jeans, but there’s nothing wrong with a long boho dress or a pair of khakis. While 2021 will probably still have some restrictions in place, we’re betting this trends continues on to 2022.

English Garden

Ok – who here hasn’t binge watched Bridgerton? I sat down one night thinking “What is all the fuss

about, I’ll just watch one episode”….Yeah, fast forward 8 hours and I had watched the entire season in one sitting. But, being in the event industry I tore my eyes away from the gorgeous cast long enough to notice the big beautiful flowers arrangements, the proper china table settings, and the classiness of all their events. Now I know I just said relaxed settings are the new go to, but relaxed doesn’t mean plain. I’m also not saying you go full Victorian England style (refer back to my comment regarding parasol and hats at the beginning of this post) but having a beautiful proper table setting, while in a tent, gives your guests the feel of being at a big important event without the stuffiness. There's something about drinking from a real teacup that just makes the coffee or tea taste better.

Vintage Vibes

If you’re visiting Wild Dandelion, you probably already have an affinity for the old and classic. Well, wedding trends are highlighting this style wonderfully right now, and not only in décor. Wedding dress

trends change every year, but some definitely age better than others. If you have an old family wedding dress, consider getting it altered to bring it into 2021. You’ll feel extra special wearing it on your day. If you don’t have a family heirloom sitting around, opt to wear a necklace or earrings your mother or grandmother wore on their wedding day. This also makes family feel like they were included in a special way.

Hopefully these tips reminded you to enjoy the wedding planning, it should be a fun part of the process!


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